happyhijabi (happyhijabi) wrote,

Very interesting - how come we never heard about these I wonder???

The Fort Hood massacre follows several other cases of U.S. soldiers turning homicidal against their comrades. In May, Sgt. John Russell, 44, went on a rampage at Camp Liberty in Iraq, killing five soldiers in an anti-stress clinic. Sgt. Joseph Bozicevich, 39, murdered two superiors at a base south of Baghdad in Sept. 2008.

Well, I think we can guess why it didn't get the media attention the "Fort Hood massacre" got.. & I wonder why don't they have catchy titles too to make it sound all horrific... & why no groups denouncing what they did??? I laugh at the hypocrisy. Seriously this gets old, fast. I can only stay silent for so long.

Here is more on Sgt. John Russell:

John M. Russell Charged In Shooting Of 5 US Soldiers In Iraq


Sgt. Joseph Bozicevich:

Sgt. Joseph C. Bozicevich is accused of killing two of his leaders in Iraq

So where's the hoopla? The media circus???
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