happyhijabi (happyhijabi) wrote,

Lenka - Live Like You're Dying


One of these days youll be
under the covers youll be
under the table and youll realize
all of your days are numbered;
all of them one to one hundred.
All of them millions.
All of them trillions.
So what are you gonna do with them all?
You can not trade them in for more.
no no

Chorus 1:
Take every moment; you know that you own them.
Its all you can do, use whats been given to you.

Give me a reason
to fight the feeling
that theres nothing here for me.
Cause none of its easy,
I know it wasnt meant to be.
I know its all up to me x2.
So what am I gonna do with my time?

Chorus 2:
Ill take every moment, I know that I own them.
Its all up to you to do whatever you choose.

Chorus 3:
Live like youre dying and never stop trying.
Its all you can do, use whats been given to you.

All of the moments you didnt notice;
gone in the blink of an eye.
All of the feelings you couldnt feel
no matter how you try.
oh oh

Chorus 1
Chorus 3 x2
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